My name is Wai Wai Kyaw. I am from Northern Shan State, Myanmar and I moved to Yangon in 2009.  I opened the doors of my home to travellers in May 2013. Wai Wai’s Place is a small guesthouse located in Kamaryut Township, Yangon.

I have four double rooms, three family rooms, five beds in one group room and one single room. Each room is fully furnished and has air conditioner, hot water, fan and an ensuite bathroom.

Your stay Includes:

  • a splendid breakfast: your choice of Western or authentic Myanmar food (said to be the best Shan noodles in Myanmar!)
  • water, tea and coffee
  • access to kitchen and refrigerator
  • WIFI Internet access in your room
  • laundry service

7 thoughts on “About

    • Hello,
      How are you? Thanks for your comment. I never forget about you because of between you n me we have good story of history. You made website for me. I don’t have ideas how to do. Thank you very much.

  1. Dear Wai Wai,

    I can’t tell you how much I loved staying at your guesthouse while I was in Myanmar. “Your home away from home” is the perfect slogan. Thank you for your hospitality and kindness and for introducing us to so many great friends, restaurants and sights in Yangon. My time in Myanmar wouldn’t have been the same without you.

    I have been missing you and the new family I made at “Wai’s Wai’s Place.” I hope to be back soon!


  2. Hello,
    we want to stay in your double room in Feb 15 till 16 and Feb 17 till 18, pls tell us any room avaliable??


  3. Wai Wai’s Place is the best guest house in Myanmar! Why? Because Wai Wai is such a beautiful person. From the very first day I met Wai Wai, we became really close friends and have stayed close friends every day since. Wai Wai’s Place is not like living with a Myanmar family,, it is living with a Myanmar family for real in a local area with local people, local shops, local food but still very close to everything central in yangon. The guest house is super clean and very beautifully decorated with pictures and artifacts from Wai Wai’s home region Shan State. Wai Wai is such an amazing cook. Super lovely Wai Wai ran a cooking school for some years teaching Shan cooking so staying in at least one eveing to eat with Wai Wai in her dining room restaurant is a must. The bedrooms are spacious and immaculate with very nice western style bathrooms. Wai Wai knows everyone and can tell you how to get everywhere in Myanmar and what to pay. Coming on holiday somewhere totally new can be tricky, the fabulous thing about Wai Wai is that you instantly trust her as you trust a really great friend. This is worth it’s weight in gold. Wai Wai’s Place is a great place to eat and talk but it is not the place for mad-party head back packers. If you want that then you should be in the Down Town area where you will find places to crash that are much more loose and less family. Wai Wai’s Place is much more for those who want to meet real Myanmar families and to understand what myanmar life is now and what Myanmar has been for the last few decades. We live in Yangon now and still drop round to Wai Wai’s Place several times a week for a gossip and a bowl of Shan Noodles. We might see you there. Eleonora & Clancy

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